Maybe We Do Have Enough Primary Care Providers

In the world of health policy, it’s axiomatic that we have a desperate shortage of primary care providers—physicians, physici...

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Mediation in State Government: Can it be done?

You may or may not  be familiar with the term “Alternative Dispute Resolution”. For most people it’s a phrase that evoke...

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posted February 23, 2012

Public Sector Consultants and Brookings Institution Metropolitan Program have prepared a Michigan Urban and Metropolitan Strategy for Business Leaders for Michigan which evaluates regional strengths, and areas of opportunity critical to the redevelopment of Michigan’s urban and metropolitan Areas. The report includes recommendations that will help the state achieve three goals essential to the health of its cities, its metropolitan areas, and the state as a whole:

  • Michigan strengthens the link between innovation and manufacturing to increase regional exports and attract global investments.
  • Michigan supports strong regional systems to train existing workers and welcome new ones to fuel economic growth.
  • Michigan makes targeted investments that leverage distinct assets in urban and metropolitan areas to transform regional economies.

Final Report



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