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posted August 01, 2008

Prepared for
The Skillman Foundation

Download the full report (Adobe® Acrobat format)
(44 pages, about 51 KB)

Executive Summary

In June of 2008 the Skillman Foundation (Skillman) contracted with Public Sector Consultants Inc. (PSC) to research the issue of First Class School Districts and to provide details to help formulate an analysis that the loss of First Class status would have on Detroit Public School children.

Our analysis included a detailed review of the Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL), relevant legislative proposals before the Michigan legislature, and published articles concerning the issue of First Class Schools, as well as discussions with policymakers and legislators.

Based on our research, we have concluded that if Detroit Public Schools no longer meets the statutory definition of a School District of the First Class, there are a number of statutory references that will be affected, administrative processes that will require clarification, and potential financial and programmatic issues to be considered. These include

  • the composition and business procedures of the Detroit Public Schools Board of Education;
  • financial references to the distribution of grant funds in the School Aid Act;
  • programmatic references, including references to charter school authorizing in the city of Detroit; and
  • statutory definitions in other acts unrelated to the Revised School Code or the School Aid Act which will be affected by a change in status of the Detroit Public Schools.
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