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Mediation in State Government: Can it be done?

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posted April 01, 2002

Prepared for
Michigan Bipartisan Urban Caucus and the Michigan Economic and Environmental Roundtable

Funded by
A grant from the Mott Foundation and the Frey Foundation

Project Detail

This report is the second in what is planned as an ongoing, biennial compilation that provides policymakers and the public with an overview of the condition of Michigan's largest cities. This report examines a variety of indicators in the areas of demographics, economics, education, environment, government finance, and health. New data sets will be added over time, to allow an increasingly comprehensive assessment of life in Michigan's urban areas. The goal of this project is to provide state and local policymakers with up-to-date information about the well-being of Michigan cities so that they can make informed policy decisions for the benefit of Michigan cities. The project began and was completed in 2002.

Press Release

Download the full report (Adobe® Acrobat format)
(58 pages, about 200 KB)

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