Maybe We Do Have Enough Primary Care Providers

In the world of health policy, it’s axiomatic that we have a desperate shortage of primary care providers—physicians, physici...

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Mediation in State Government: Can it be done?

You may or may not  be familiar with the term “Alternative Dispute Resolution”. For most people it’s a phrase that evoke...

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posted February 01, 2008

Prepared for
Clinton County Conservation District

Below are links to the final report available for download in Adobe® Acrobat format:

  • Final report (without appendices) UPDATED 5/14/08
    (105 pgs, 6.88 MB)
  • Appendices A–E Combined
    (135 pgs, 6.9 MB)
    • Appendix A: Build-out, by Townships
      (44 pgs, 6.6 MB)
    • Appendix B: Prioritized Erosion Sites, Adjusted Scores, and Estimated Sediment Reduction
      (3 pgs, 40 kB)
    • Appendix C: Long-Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment (L-THIA) Reports by Sub-basin
      (59 pgs, 422 MB)
    • Appendix D: Survey and Results
      (22 pgs, 103 KB)
    • Appendix E: Letters of Support
      (6 pgs, 29 KB)
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