Maybe We Do Have Enough Primary Care Providers

In the world of health policy, it’s axiomatic that we have a desperate shortage of primary care providers—physicians, physici...

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Mediation in State Government: Can it be done?

You may or may not  be familiar with the term “Alternative Dispute Resolution”. For most people it’s a phrase that evoke...

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posted January 01, 1997

Michigan Roundup | Michigan PeriSCope | Health Policy Bulletin |
Michigan Economic Bulletin

Public Policy Advisor
A periodic series that examines such subjects as fiscal and tax policy, health and environmental issues, and education policy and offers commentary on current or emerging political, social, and policy issues.
Written by various staff members.

  • A Cautious Approach to Social Security Reform
    by Robert J. Kleine, Vice President and Senior Economist

    Discusses the implications of various proposals allowing Social Security Trust Fund monies to be invested in the stock market.
    January 17
  • Special Education: An Interview with Dr. Robert Docking
    by Laurie A .Cummings Senior Consultant for Economic and Education Policy

    Discusses the results of mainstreaming special-education students into regular classrooms.
    February 7
  • Shaping the Market: Health Policy in Michigan
    by Peter Pratt, Ph.D., Vice President and Senior Consultant for Health Policy

    Discusses policymakers’ wish to shape the Michigan health care market and the unusual bipartisanship involved.
    February 14
  • The Governor’s Budget, FY 1997–98
    by Robert J. Kleine and Laurie A. Cummings

    Summaries the highlights of Governor Engler’s recommend state budget for the next fiscal year and comments on the budget’s economic assumptions as well as its controversial aspects.
    March 7
  • Public Attitudes About Schools
    by Kara Douma, M.P.A., Senior Consultant for Survey Research
    Discusses what’s right and wrong with our schools, based on data from the 1996 Michigan Education Poll, conducted by PSC, and a 1997 Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.
    April 4
  • Michigan Braces for Term Limits
    by Craig Ruff, President
    Reviews the context of the voters’ approval of term limits, describes changes already underway, and examines future consequences of this once-in-a-lifetime shakeup of Michigan politics.
    June 6
  • The Gaming Boom in Michigan
    by Laurie A. Cummings and Robert Kleine.
    Discusses the various types of gaming and the potential economic and social effects of expanding this activity in Michigan.
    July 3
  • Michigan’s School Bond Loan Fund: A Program in Need of Repair
    by Nick Khouri, Vice President.
    Explains the loan fund, describes its current problems, and offers a partial list of solutions.
    July 11
  • Proposal A: An Early Evaluation
    by Robert J. Kleine
    Reviews the history of Michigan’s attempts to change the way in which public K–12 education is financed and presents an early appraisal of the sweeping reforms wrought by the passage in 1994 of Proposal A.
    September 5
  • Overview and Analysis of the Michigan Budget, Fiscal Year 1997–98
    by Robert J. Kleine and Laurie A. Cummings
    Describes the FY 1997–98 state budget; includes changes from FY 1996–97 appropriations and from the governor’s recommendations as well as discussion of the few measures about which there was particular controversy.
    September 12
  • What’s Wrong with the Single Business Tax?
    by Nick Khouri, Vice President
    Examines changes in the state’s single business tax that took effect this year, points out that the levy’s revenue—which was expected to increase slightly—appears actually to be decreasing and speculates as to why.
    October 3
  • New Ways to Govern Local Schools
    by Craig Ruff
    Proposes that school boards could be changed in a number of ways, most notably to comprise not just elected members but also some appointed trustee members; such trustees could be selected to provide geographic, ethnic, or other balance when it is missing on the board and fill gaps in expertise.
    October 10
  • Tax-Free Renaissance Zones: A Preview of the Results
    by Laurie A. Cummings
    Reviews some of the initial evidence on economic development in Michigan’s tax-free renaissance zones.
    December 12

Michigan Roundup (top)
A one-page summary of Michigan legislative activity and political news of significance to government operations, public policy, and voter attitudes. Published weekly during legislative sessions and intermittently during legislative recesses.
Written by David Kimball and Jonathan Hansen, Affiliated Consultants.

Michigan PeriSCope (top)
Brief commentaries and opinion pieces on issues of the day. Published periodically, sometimes in conjunction with Michigan Roundup.
Written by various staff members.

Health Policy Bulletin (top)
A monthly publication that provides analysis of important health care issues under consideration by the legislature, executive branch, and professional associations.
Written by Peter Pratt, Ph.D., Vice President and Senior Consultant for Health Care Policy, Jeff Williams, Senior Consultant, and Lisa D. Baragar, Consultant for Health Policy.

Michigan Economic Bulletin (top)
A monthly review of economic indicators, state revenue receipts, and appropriations and tax developments. Each issue contains current good and bad economic news, an article of special focus, a list of publications of interest, and economic news from the state capitol; in alternating quarters, a special insert presents a general economic forecast or an analysis of economic data for each of the seven Michigan regions.
Written by Robert J. Kleine, M.B.A., Vice President and Senior Economist and Laurie A. Cummings, M.S., Senior Consultant for Economic and Education Policy. (available in Acrobat® format)

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