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Research, Facilitation, and Program Management

Our work over more than 30 years has positioned Public Sector Consultants (PSC) as the go-to firm for quality research, group facilitation, and program management in public policy. We are committed to a thorough and objective approach that has consistently delivered the insight and clarity our clients need to make informed decisions.

While PSC is well-known for independent research on a broad range of issues, we have special expertise in education, health, energy, and the environment. We thrive on projects that demand innovative responses to public policy issues. Our clients look to us to understand current policy thoroughly, its implications for all interested parties, and alternate paths to move policy from the present to a better future. Along with our clients, we are policy leaders.

PSC’s uniqueness lies in what we know (content expertise), how we communicate complex policy issues to experts and informed laypersons (translation), and how we bring together diverse stakeholders to look at innovative approaches to policy (facilitation and program management). Other organizations may have experts in one or two of these areas. The strength of our consultants in all three is the unique value we bring to our clients.

PSC’s ability to forge good working relationships with state policymakers and leaders in the public and private sectors allows us to anticipate and respond to change quickly, helping our clients tackle complex problems. We know what information policy-makers need and how to deliver it to them in the most valuable way.


At Public Sector Consultants (PSC) we pride ourselves on being the most dedicated group of professionals, experts, and consultants working on issues affecting Michigan and the Great Lakes states.

Our research and facilitation are disciplined, with clear project goals, specific and measurable results, and a focused step-by-step path from start to finish. Research, program management, and group processes can be unwieldy, but we diligently keep on task to deliver value to clients in a timely fashion.

PSC applies a wide range of skills, technology, and expertise to solve our clients’ problems. Our services include, but aren’t limited to, research, strategic counsel, program management, web-based and traditional communications, survey research, group facilitation and consensus building, and evaluation. Our work charts a course for organizations, coalitions, and policy-makers to solve pressing public policy issues.

Whatever the problem, PSC has the resources, technology, and know-how to find a solution.


Since 1980, Public Sector Consultants (PSC) has helped solve some of Michigan’s toughest problems. Our quality work, relationships with policy leaders, and dedication to our clients has enabled us to deliver answers to vexing issues at the state and local level, in the public and private sectors. Our research findings are presented to the public or key stakeholders in any way our clients desire, from a brief written report to a large-scale study and news conference at the Michigan State Capitol.